I am sure some of you may be wondering where I’ve been and what happened to my site! Well, lets address the elephant in the room.

Sometimes in life we have to make changes whether they be voluntary or involuntary. When I originally shut down my site it was due to financial reasons and I would be soon returning to blogging. But, as we know life happens which brings forth change. We don’t complain. We adjust. As I was attempting to re-launch my site, I deleted it. By complete accident. Instead of getting upset, I started to think. I looked in my account information for an undo button, it wasn’t there. It wasn’t supposed to be there. Shortly after I heard a voice speak to me saying, “Start over”.

So, the next chapter of my life begins….

There is nothing that is taken away without the intentions of something better being put in it’s place. I look forward to this new chapter, with a fresh set of eyes, changed intentions and a surge of motivation and discipline.

Let it begin….

Amber JohnsonComment