Give yourself permission.

Do you give yourself permission?

Permission to be happy. Permission to be loved. Permission to be content.

Or have you arrested yourself and locked yourself into a prison of self-hate, self-doubt and pessimism?

What if I told you with just a change of mindset you could begin to manifest positive into your life? We hold ourselves captive. No outside forces have that much power over you. It’s all you.

I am guilty of thinking “It could only get worse” but no, it CAN get better. There is a lesson to learn in the situation. There is room for growth here. Do you see it? You can have it if you want it. But that’s just it. You have to WANT IT. Do you give yourself permission to have better for your life? Your family? Do you? It’s almost like sometimes we get in this hamster wheel of self inflicting pain not knowing the whole time we can jump off the wheel and into our purpose. But jumping can be scary. What if I fail? But you’ll never know if you don’t get off that wheel! Let your mind free. Shake off the self-hate and invest in self-love. It’s okay to be okay. You are allowed to be happy. You are capable of more. If YOU let YOU.

So, give yourself permission to be beautiful.

Amber JohnsonComment