I am here.

Confident and bold after 30 years.

They say you find yourself in your 20’s. For me, couldn’t be further from the truth.

For me, everyday is a new adventure and a new opportunity to learn a new lesson, even though I have arrived.

Confidence is more than just something you say you are. You exude it. Effortlessly. When you walk into a room, it’s known.

How did I arrive here?


I found him for myself and allowed him to transform my life. He broke down the wall and showed me who I was. No barriers. No filters.

There was a wall in front of me filled with my wants, desires and a perception of who I “thought” I was.

He knocked it down. BOOM!

Behind that wall stood me. Broken and lost.


He helped me re-build. BRICK BY BRICK

You are loved (brick)

You are beautiful (brick)

You are confident (brick)

You are strong (brick)

This is a matter of the heart. A matter of spirit. No ego can room here. (brick)

Before I knew it, I was standing.

On my own two feet.

Back straight.


He picked me up. He restored me. He still loves me.

He was right there the whole time.

I traveled miles, and miles only to find who was right with me the entire time.


You did this.

She’s here. She’s confident and she’s unstoppable.

Amber JohnsonComment